Walnut Grove Anniversary


IMG_0503For more than 20 years, the owners of the Ricky’s All Day Grill in the Walnut Grove community of Langley, B.C. have successfully traversed the hills and valleys of the highly competitive restaurant business, and maintained equilibrium through the ebbs and flows of the economy, all the while serving nearly three million meals to hungry loyal customers.

When asked why their family restaurant has remained so popular, franchisees Cori and Dean Scott say there has been one constant in their ever-changing universe – their customers, which they consider part of their extended family.

“We learned early on that we were really in the people business,” said Cori, who manages the restaurant with her husband Dean. The Scott family opened the restaurant 20 years ago. “We’ve been here for our customers through thick and thin, celebrating graduations, marriages and births, and even sharing the sorrow of loved ones passing.”

In turn, their customers have been there for them. When the Ricky’s opened here, there were few houses and a small population. But as the community grew, so did the restaurant’s business and it quickly became a neighborhood essential.

Cori says the only population that has been as loyal as her customers are her employees, some of whom have been with her for the two decades. “We were here when a few of our employees were born, and now they work with us. They are amazing and we wouldn’t be successful without them.”
Ricky’s own history began as a pancake restaurant in British Columbia in 1962. Since the late 1970s, it has evolved into a successful restaurant franchise and a leader in the mid-scale casual dining category.
The Ricky’s owned and operated by Cori and Dean is a two-time winner of the Franchisee of the Year award. Not surprisingly, this restaurant is often used as a training store for new franchisees. “They model the best practices of the chain” said Stacey Hansson, Ricky’s VP of Operations. “They never get complacent. They always keep trying to make the restaurant better and more enjoyable, both for their staff and their customers. They have high standards, but never forget to have fun.”IMG_0499

When planning their 20th Anniversary Celebration, true to form, Cori and Dean organized the event so they could celebrate with their loyal guests. It was very important to the Scotts that these folks knew they were appreciated for their years of patronage.

The couple relies upon the Ricky’s Franchise Support Center for promotional support and to help them adapt to changes and trends in the marketplace. Their encouragement has also helped buoy their spirits at times and keep them charging ahead at full steam.

It’s been a remarkable two decades for the Scott family. “We’ve had lots of laughs, shed a few tears, worked hard for our living and made many good friends,” said Cori. “And that’s not a bad accounting for 20 years of serving our community.”